About us

Flag and Banner International grew from an interest in Historical Flags and memorabilia. We were instrumental in developing the historical Flag of the Colony of Natal. This led to the research and manufacture of other historical flags from the Colonial and Pre Colonial eras in Africa.
In 1994 we were well positioned to take the New South African flag into a new era. Due to the unprecedented demand we were able to supply a large sector of the regional market.We were the first company to supply large volume Mini/Table Flags to the State and Political Parties. In 1995 we were awarded the exclusive Flag and Banner rights for The Rugby World Cup. By now Flag and Banner was one of the key suppliers in the South African Flag industry. The company grew and developed its own range of WINDEX  Banners our outdoor branding solution.

Recently the company has invested in state of the art Digital Printing solutions. This has included large format digital printers and an exceptionally large flat press along with a wide format calendar press for continuous prints and print requirements exceeding 2m. Our flatbed transfer press allows us to service the corporate branding, fashion and home furnishing market markets which often require cut panels. In this instance we can produce single panels to a size of 2m x 1.5m.

We handle all design, print and manufacture in house  and pride ourselves in a personal service and an exceptionally competitive rate. We strive to deliver before the deadline to save you the customer the  stress of worrying whether or not you will have your branding in time for the event, even if you left it till the last minute to order.